Oh wow. I’m glad to hear you got closer to him and his friends, but it really sucks you’re gonna get moved. I hope you’ll get even closer, so that it’d be natural to go a bit out of your way to hang out. Like decide on places to meet and hang there.
this is exactly why I go where they go. Like, if they’ll play League, I’ll play League. If they’ll drink, I’ll drink. Because we only have one month left and I still want all of us to be close with each other. Not like this. Because after he found out I like him, he started being nonchalant around me. Like he doesn’t really care whether I’m there or not. He’s not  irritated but he’s not interested either.
but thanks for sharing your thoughts :)
'Honesty' will forever be my favorite SHINee song

2/∞ hongyeo appreciation post

2/ hongyeo appreciation post

"Relationships have levels. Mine with Yoonjae was one of the easiest. A relationship that was easy to explain and easy to maintain. A casual relationship between childhood friends. But that day, contrary to everything I knew, I realized, ours could become one of the hardest. The hardest relationship… That between a man and a woman." Sung Shiwon

Listen to my wish,
I hope an eternal love will come true


Dance battle between Apink's sexy dance queens vs remedial dance classmates
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